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Health checkup at Home in Dubai

Health checkup at Home in Dubai

We are all aware of the importance of regular health checks and believe that prevention is better than cure.

Peace of Mind Health Screening

At the very least, a health check provides valuable reassurance and peace of mind. Should you have a hidden illness, our health screening service is designed to catch it before damage is done.   Whereas a small minority of people are walking around with unknown major conditions, many carry minor conditions which are prejudicial to health, and over half our patients benefit from some intervention to improve their health even if it is only advice on diet, exercise, and work/life balance.

We offer health checks in the comfort of your home.

If you are worried about a particular problem or symptom, we recommend booking a Oncall Doctor consultation in the first instance to focus on that and have the tests that are specifically relevant to that issue rather than a full screen.

If you are under 50 and apparently in good health, a Well-Man or Well-Woman Screen provides excellent value. Otherwise we would generally recommend a Platinum Health Screen.

We have carried out a careful analysis of health screens currently available in the UAE in terms of cost-effectiveness, value for money, sensitivity, specificity, non-invasive techniques, and ease of access. Our screens are designed to provide an optimal balance of all of these factors.

There are additional tests which we do not recommend to the majority of people. However, if required they can be added on even though they are not included in our standard profiles.

    • Well-Woman Plus Screen

    • Well-Man Screen

    • Platinum Health screen for Men

    • Platinum Health Screen for Women

    • Premier Health Screens for Men and Women