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Home Nursing Dubai

HHome Nursing Dubai

Savan Specialist Oncall Doctor’s skilled home nursing program is designed to address a patient’s long term needs at home. Patient’s that suffer from complex medical issues and find it difficult to move about freely can now opt for personalized and compassionate care at home.

After a careful assessment of the clinical condition of the patient, our physicians & supervisors assign the most suitable the nurse matching their needs. They will look after medication administration and equipment needed for treatment and service. The nurses work under the guidance of the treating physicians and provide care, education and support to the patients and their families with routine review sessions on progress and treatment of the patients.

Savan Specialist Oncall Doctor’s trained and skilled nurses follow a stringent recruitment process for this program. In house training programs include refresher courses, finishing school courses, grooming and communication training.

Some of the services provided by our nurses are:

  • Skilled nursing assessment and evaluations including measurement & monitoring of vital Signs – BP, Temperature, Respiratory Rate, Heart Rate, Blood Sugar Level, Oxygen Saturation etc.
  • Pre & Post-Operative Care Management
  • Medication management (IV/ORAL)- administration and infusion therapies.
  • Pulmonary/ Respiratory Care Management (suctioning, cleaning, drainage and dressing)
  • Nutrition Management: Oral and Tube Feedings (NGT, OF, PEG) Diet modification based on patient requirements or needs.
  • Assisting patients in Activities of Daily living (bathing, grooming, dressing, bed transfer to wheelchair)
  • Wound Care Management (dressing & changing)
  • Health Education for patients and patient family
  • Acute and Chronic wound care management (diabetic foot, leg ulcers, decubitus ulcers(bedsores), surgical wounds (post operation)
  • Skin Care Management (stoma care, ulcers etc.)
  • Catheter Care Management
  • Infection Control Management
  • Fall & Injury Risk Assessment and Management