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Why a call to a Oncall doctor to home is better than going it alone

It is late night. Your child or elderly parent is unwell. In fact they have a raging temperature, are hot and cold, perhaps vomiting or complaining of a headache. The flu is rampant and as a carer, you just aren’t 100% sure whether you should seek urgent medical treatment or go it alone until the morning?

Waiting until the morning can provide for a sleepless night for all, and as we know a lack of sleep can impact even the most resilient of us.

So what do you do? You can pack the children up – yes the healthy ones too to head to your nearest public hospital’s emergency department. Remember to pack some snacks for the healthy hungry kids, possibly a bucket, towel, wet wipes and a blanket for the unwell patient. And don’t forget some activities to distract everyone during the long wait, and there will be a wait, potentially a wait until the wee hours of the morning.

The seats are cold and hard, the lights glaring and uncomfortable. The walk to the toilet is the only way to stretch the legs and your childs blanket is looking inviting… and you wait…

You are getting through the night sanity intact, when your child seems to perk up the minute the nurse walks in and calls your name  – you know this… you’ve been there! It’s been an interminable wait for a clinician to assess your child, identify it’s not life threatening and let you know you are on the list….

And you just want to go home, stretch out on your own bed and close your eyes…

And you can… if you know who to call.

By using the services of a house call doctor, such as Savan Specialist Oncall Doctor, you get to:

  • remain in the comfort of your own home
  • manage other children easily by ensuring they are following their normal routine
  • have a cup of tea and watch TV
  • know your sick child or elderly parent is safe and COMFORTABLE with you.

Yes in peak periods such as Flu season, there might be a lengthy wait, but the experience of being in your own space minimizes the inconvenience. You can even let the ill patient sleep – in fact for children this can be a benefit as the Doctor can often assess a sleeping child better than an irritable crying child.

There isn’t any need to go it alone when you can simply call Savan Specialist Oncall Doctor, get a house call !

Let’s work together and save emergency for an emergency!